House of Heroes is a comic book community. It all started a few years ago when Kim, Bryson & Max met up at Stora Nygatan 23 in Stockholm (Comics Heaven). We all enjoyed comics for various reasons and decided to start up a Podcast called House of Heroes
 We interviewed Joelle Jones, David Lloyd, Kim W. Andersson and lots of others. 
 Eventually we built a website and briefly opened a House of Heroes store for 2 years in the Fridhemsplan area of Stockholm. We decided to start attending Stockholm Comic-con and brought Tony Moore the co-creator of the Walking Dead as our first guest. Working with Comic-con we have managed to introduce many great guests such as Amanda Conner, Arthur Adams, Lee Bermejo and many, many others. 
 We also created and founded "Serietidningens Dag" a day designed to specifically celebrate all things comic book related in Sweden. Comics of course is also a business. We have a massive amount of connections in the comic book industry. Distributors, writers, artists, publishers and even private buyers and sellers. If you are looking to sell or buy comics in the European market we are the ones to contact.
+46 70 24 88 44 8 (Max)
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The Comics Family

Heofon Comics

Heofon comics is a Tradera butik. Tradera is owned by Ebay and is the Swedish version. Heofon focuses solely on single issues, mostly high quality single issues including CGC and CBCS. Heofon ships all over the world. Check out the link below. Heofon currently has 3000 items listed but is adding more all the time.

Valhalla Comics 

Valhalla comics is a Tradera butik. Tradera is owned by Ebay and is the Swedish version. Valhalla is mostly single issues, some sets and a few trade paperbacks. Valhalla is a mix of quality single issues and if you just want something to read or fill a few holes in your collection. Valhalla has almost 10,000 items in stock.

Comics Heaven

Comics Heaven is a physical store and website that has been in Stockholm since 1988. This is where Kim, Bryson and Max met originally and began building House of Heroes into the community it is today. You can get monthly subscriptions from the major companies (Marvel, DC, Image etc…), the latest graphic novels, new and old Swedish comic books and graphic novels. Comics Heaven is also an authorized CGC dealer so you can send through them to have your most precious comics encapsulated.

Key Comics

Key Comics is a place developed for those hard to find or special key issues. We only list things here that we feel are worthy. They could be very expensive and rare key issues or it can be an item that is just in general hard to find or hot right now. You can list with us and if your item is sold we take a 15% commission fee. 


Contact Us

Please contact us if you have questions. We buy & sell comics. 
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